Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Teacher Binder!

Have a calendar slot with monthly planning for important upcoming events.
Each month has a note page.

Next, I have lesson plans and ideas for lessons in my school's format.

Then, weekly plans for each of my classes to make sure I stay on track and keep track of what each class has done or needs to do.

I have three sections for all three of my classes and an extra slot at the bottom for extra info.

Then I have team meeting plans and notes.

I got this free printable from teachervision.comwhere there a a ton of other forms!

I then have three tabs for each of my classes. I use this for grades and assignment checklist but you can use it for attendance or something else as well. 

For easy reading, flipping and organizing, cut the sides off of the pages after you write students' names so as you flip to the next page once full, you can see the names nice and lined up still (like those expensive grade books with perforated edges to tear off). 
Last section is for any extra notes I need to take or reminders for myself. 

These fonts come from http://kevinandamanda.com/fonts/fontsforpeas/

Many ideas and formats come from Erincondren.com.

I also have a student binder for all their information, emergency contact, parent info, and behavior logs.

To access my masters go to my website at  http://teacherorganizationideaskj.webs.com/